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1929-30 to 1938-39 State Champions

1929-30 Cranston (Interscholastic League) beat LaSalle (InterscholasticConference)

1930-31 Cranston (Interscholastic League) beat MSC (Interscholastic Conference)

*1931-32 Cranston (Interscholastic League) beat LaSalle (Interscholastic Conference)

1932-33 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1933-34 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1934-35 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1935-36 Hope (MSC)

1936-37 Cranston (MSC)

1937-38 Mount Saint Charles (LaSalle)

*1938-39 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

*New England Champions

**1st place team in regular season/division champion in parenthesis

Prior to the 1932-33 formation of the current RIIL schools played in (2) divisions (Interscholastic League and Interscholastic Conference) with both champions meeting for schoolboy honors (1927-28 to 1931-32). In 1931-32 MSC forfeited Interscholastic Conference title to La Salle Academy. In 1938-39 the Interscholastic League had (2) divisions (First Division and Second Division). Warwick led the First Division and MSC finished in first place in the Second Division and the League.