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1939-40 to 1948-49

State Champions

1939-40 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1940-41 Cranston (LaSalle)

1941-42 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1942-43 LaSalle (Hope)

1943-44 Burrillville (North Providence)

1944-45 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1945-46 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1946-47 Mount Saint Charles (LaSalle)

1947-48 Burrillville (Burrrillville)

1948-49 Burrillville (Burrrillville)

*1st place team in regular season/division champion in parenthesis

In 1939-40 the Interscholastic League had two divisions (First Division and Second Division). The First Division was made up of Providence schools. Central won the City Championship and all eligible teams participated in the Interscholastic League playoffs. In 1940-41 Providence High Schools mandated all-daylight athletics. A City Hockey League was established with no outside competition. Hope won the championship over Central, Classical and Mount Pleasant. In 1941-42 all teams returned to playing in one division.

In 1945-46 Mount Saint Charles and Cranston were tied for first place in league. MSC was awarded first place after winning tie breaker (2 more goals for).