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1989-90 to 1998-99 Champions

Met A Division

1989-90 Mount Saint Charles

Championship Division

1990-91 Mount Saint Charles

1991-92 Mount Saint Charles

1992-93 Mount Saint Charles

1993-94 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1994-95 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1995-96 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1996-97 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1997-98 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1998-99 Mount Saint Charles (LAS/MSC)

Met A Division

1990-91 Burrillville

Met B Division

1989-90 Burrillville (B1 Large)

Pilgrim (B1 Small)

Smithfield (B2)

1990-91 North Smithfield

1991-92 Woonsocket

1992-93 Burrillville

1993-94 Smithfield

(Met B North - Smithfield)

(Met B South - Barrington)

1994-95 Barrington

(Met B North - Smithfield)

Met B South - Barrington)

1995-96 Coventry (Smithfield)

1996-97 Smithfield (Smithfield)

1997-98 Cranston West

(Met B North - Lincoln)

(Met B South - Cranston West)

1998-99 Cranston West

(Met B North - Lincoln)

(Met B South - Cranston West)

Suburban Division

1989-90 Johnston

Met C Division

1990-91 Smithfield

1991-92 Smithfield

1992-93 Warwick Vets

1993-94 Cranston East (Cranston East)

1994-95 Cranston East (East Greenwich)

1995-96 Johnston (East Providence)

1996-97 North Providence (North Providence)

1997-98 Tolman (Tolman)

1998-99 North Providence (Mt. Hope)

Met D Division

1990-91 Ponaganset

*Division champion in parenthesis (incomplete)