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All-Stars at the Garden

In February 1932 an all-star schoolboy hockey team from Rhode Island was assembled to compete against a Greater Boston Interscholastic League all-league sextet. The team presented a strong lineup despite the fact that no members of Cranston or La Salle were able to compete. Coached by Jimmy "Ace" Hart, the starting team included Hope High's Pud Quirk at center and Olier Allard and Henry Gauron of Mount St. Charles on the wings. Howard Smith of Warwick and George Martin of Mount St. Charles made a dependable defensive pair. One of the leading netminders in the state, Classical's Joey Roberts, was in the net. The Providence team's relentless attack, in front of over 6000 fans at the Boston Garden, blasted six goals into the Boston net and what should have been the winning tally, for the sixth goal was disallowed and the game went into overtime. Quirk took a goal mouth pass from Harold Stallwood and rammed the puck into the goalies pads just as a Boston defenseman piled on top of the goalie carrying the puck over the line as the referee blew the whistle. The official ruled that the whistle was blown before the puck went into the cage. Jacques LeClair, Stallwood, Allard, Martin and Gauron were the goal scorers but the Bostonians would score in overtime to win 6-5.