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Battle of School Leagues

The 1910-11 Interscholastic League season saw Hope Street High go undefeated in 10 games scoring 34 goals and only allowing 1 goal against in league play. They easily won the championship. Hope was led by Capt. Brice, acknowledged to be one of the flashiest players as rover on the ice in and about Providence. He was accompanied by the Dandeno Brothers, Cilfton and Fred, known as the "Pee Wee" twins. The brothers were the fastest players ever seen in this school league. Their neighbors in Massachusetts also had a dominant schoolboy team in Melrose High (also undefeated in 10 games).

A game was scheduled at the Boston Arena on February 10, 1911 to determine local pride in schoolboy ice hockey. The game was much hyped in the press and the Boston Globe called it a "keen battling of school leagues". A large gallery saw Melrose High defeat Hope Street High 9-3. It was plainly evident that the East Siders were baffled by the style of play of Melrose. The Providence team played all their matches with only 4 forwards, the point and coverpoint remaining down the ice. Melrose, however, used it's two defensive players in carrying the rubber, as well as breaking up plays and this attack took the visitors off their feet. Brice showed himself to be a brilliant hockey player. He scored all 3 goals, his work on several occasions stirring the spectators to enthusiastic applause in a losing effort.