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East Side Hockey Club

One of the first successful Rhode Island senior amateur outfits in the 1920's and 30's featured some of the early former high school stars: Curley Oden (Rhode Island's leading athlete of the time), Jimmy "Ace" Hart, Howie Crins, Fred Cuddy and Clint Owen. The team originated in the 1910's playing against schoolboy teams and amateur squads like the Providence Independents. They were champions of the Rhode Island Amateur Hockey League in 1929-30 with a 9-2 win over New England Telephone and Telegraph Co. in the final game of the round-robin playoff series and reached the semi-finals in the 1st annual New England Open Amateur Hockey Tournament that same season against Corona A.C. of Riverside (RI), West Point A.C. (NH), New Bedford Hockey Club (MA), Firestones of Hudson (MA), Whippets of West Roxbury (MA), Brookville A.C. of Roxbury (MA) and Lincoln Club of Worcester (MA). Nashua's West Point A.C. defeated Brookville 1-0 in sudden death overtime to win the championship.