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Eastern Amateur Hockey League (1933-1953) Eastern Hockey League (1954-1973)

Pud Quirk (Baltimore Orioles)

Clem Harnedy (Pittsburgh Yellowjackets)

Ralph Erickson (Boston Olympics, New Haven Eagles, Brooklyn Crescents)

Don Mellor (Boston Olympics)

Tony Prete (Philadelphia Falcons)

Dick Rondeau (Boston Olympics)

Henry Coupe (New Haven Eagles, New York Rovers, Worcester Warriors)

Bill Thayer (Brooklyn Crescents, Boston Olympics)

Gus Galipeau (Atlantic City Sea Gulls, Baltimore Clippers, Boston Olympics)

Jerry Kilmartin (Boston Olympics)

Jimmy Reynolds (Boston Olympics)

Bob Coupe (Boston Olympics)

Ralph Warburton (Milwaukee Clarks, Boston Olympics, Worcester Warriors)

Ray Picard (Worcester Warriors)

Tom Woodcock (Worcester Warriors, Washington Presidents)

Jack Gilbert (Worcester Warriors)

George Keeling (Washington Presidents)

Alan Soares (New Haven Blades)

Bill Christodal (New Haven Blades, Long Island Ducks, Jersey Devils)

Tim Regan (Charlotte Checkers)

John Bennett (Roanoke Valley Rebels)