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First Dominicans on Ice

Providence College hockey has had a long storied history but it's beginnings were far from perpetual. One of the reasons for the formation of the pucksters was the enthusiasm for an "ice team' after the Rhode Island Auditorium was built in 1926. The first game took place at the Springfield Arena on January 6, 1927 when the Friars defeated Springfield College 6-4. Unfortunately the sport had to be discontinued after the 1926-27 season due to the great expenses of maintaining the program and the difficulties carrying out a college schedule. Attempts were made in the '30's when popular professor Dr. Daniel O'Neil backed an amateur organization for several seasons. Any thoughts about a hockey teams during the war were completely forgotten. After the war the clamor for a hockey team was so great that in the 1949-50 season some of the students took it upon themselves to form a makeshift squad.

Then in the 1951-52 season the college gave approval to the athletic department to start a hockey team on an informal basis. They played their home games at the Auditorium as a member of the Rhode Island Amateur Hockey Association. Lou Cimini of La Salle Academy coached the squad. They played in a seven team league with amateur outfits as well as the University of Rhode Island. They compiled a record of 8 wins 2 loses and 2 ties. They would also face off against other college sixes on their schedule. Coach Dick Rondeau arrived the following season and the Friars competed exclusively against collegiate squads. Due to their great success and the tireless effort of Rev. Herman D. Schneider, O.P., they reached varsity status once again in the 1953-54 season.