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Mademoiselles Play Too

In December 1939 Rhode Island witnessed its first all-girls hockey game when the Montreal Dames met the Toronto Ladies at the R.I. Auditorium. Woman had played hockey in Canada for several decades but was fairly new in the United States at this time. The gals displayed plenty of ability as Montreal nipped Toronto 4-3. All the Dames goals were scored by the fast-skating and expert stick-handling of French Canadian mademoiselle Florence Juneau, who performed the hat-trick in true fashion by netting three straight goals in the final four minutes. Midway through the third period a fist-fight nearly broke out between Montreal's Mary McBurney and Jean Atkinson, clever Toronto defender. Referee Gus Rivers with the help of other players managed to keep them apart. The Providence Journal added, "with the exception of this one flare-up the gals were good sports and took their dumps and bumps with smiles. All in all, it was a fine contest and the 1200 spectators were treated to a good night's entertainment".